Part 2
“Jeff, i want to go out,” i tried to divert her

“You want to give me time with my sweet
woman?” Jeff asked.
“Ooh yeah sure,ama aje Bever?” i chocked in.
“Ooh, no not necessary..just stay,is that right
Dan?” She said, as Jeff handed her a glass of
“Its ok, i will stay then,” i said.
“Bebz, can i have that phone please? I want to
check something” Beverlyn insisted.
Jeff quickly winked at me. I didnt understand
what mesage he was trying to communicate.
His eyes grew bigger and white!
Today everything was goin to be exposed.
“Give her the phone, Dan,” Jeff said with a faint
I took the phone and handed it to Beverlyn who
was seated on Jef’s bed.
Meanwhile, Jeff was standing near the table
where the laptop was, dialling the keyboard
As i handed the phone to Beverlyn, Jeff back
toed quickly, knocking the handset accidentally
before it landed in her hand!
“Ooh sorry bebz!” exclaimed Beverlyn, not
knowing all that was Jeff’s plan.
“Jeez! Double tragedy!” Jeff barked as he picked
the Tecno M5.
The phone’s screen cracked badly. It wasnt
“Bebz how will u explain to your friend?”
Beverlyn asked, looking worried for causing all
“Dont worry,swts i will fix it with him” Jeff
He looked worried.
How was he going to explaing to Mary?
Will Mary understand and still be in relationship
with Jef?
That was the intresting thing i all wanted to
Jeff sat beside Beverlyn on his bed,with the
cracked phone in his hand.
Beverly wrapped her hands around Jeff’s
kneck,kissed him and said,
“Bebz, i know you are worried and you just dont
know how to explain, am ready to talk to him,”
Beverlyn voiced.
Jeff looked relaxed. He nodded his head in
Beverlyn left for his room.
As soon as She had dispeared, Jeff requested me
to accompany him to Mary’s house…..
PART 3 loading

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