Part 3…

“How do you manage to get away fooling  these Ladies?” i asked Jeff as i closed the door.

“You learn the rules of the game,” he replied tapping me on the back.
I wondered what rules he was referring to.

“Not every lady deserves to be told the truth,” he said with a nasty look. I just sighed and started to walk away.
We walked slowly, preparing on how he was going to play safe on the phone’s issue.

Within few minutes of pavement walk, we  got to Mary’s room.
She was having a late evening nap when she lazily welcomed us in.

“Hey bebz, wake up am here!” Jeff requested as he sat on her bed.

“mmmh,am on dear, how are you?” she asked with a course voice.

“Am good, i need a hug” Jeff demanded and immediately Mary rose from her bed and sunk into his hands.
She was a top-class woman and a very  a cute lady, short haired and fairly tall.
She had one of the beautiful birthing hips i have ever lay my eyes on. Above all she wasreligious.

I was seated on a chair right behind a well and
ample boot that matched her hips, as they hugged.
I wish i was the one!

“Hi? ” she greeted me, shaking hands all along.

“This is my roommate, Dan,” Jeff introduced me as they sat on Mary’s bed.

“This is the Lady i was telling you, she is the apple of my heart,” Jeff added, planting a kiss on her neck.

While in Mary’s house, we talked about many subjects, school experiences and finally switching to religion for a while.

Jeff was not paying attention, he contributed less, perhaps he was thinking of the smartest way to explain, what had be folded him.

“Jeff, my bro called, he will be coming tomorrow to visit me, he is the one who bought me that phone, will you come around for introduction?” Mary calmly voiced, as he tried to divert his attention.
A fear shock struck Jeff who stared in the air for a while.

“Ooh, really? Can i go and get the phone? I
Didn’t carry” He lied.
“No need now, but i will want it tomorrow morning so that he can get me with it.” She replied with a smile.

Just then, Beverly  texted on my phone, requesting me to peep at her room tonight.
I promised her i will not fail.

“Jeff, excuse me, i have to meet a friend at JCR”
I excused myself opened the door and matched out.

Jeff followed me immediately and gave me Mary’s phone. He didn’t say a word and went back to Mary’s room.

I went straight to Bever’s room. She was alone.
She offered me a seat before going out to the bathing room.

I sensed something was boiling. I stayed put and decided to log in my facebook
After around 5 minutes, She came back with her towel wrapped loosely around her bosoms and
Falling just  above her knees.
Her smooth brown thighs were exposed in the open for the stray hyena!

“Let me allow you to change” i chuckled as I stood up and started to walk towards the door.

“Wait, wait Dan!” Beverly begged as she paced, holding my hand.

“No need to go, you will face the other side as I change,” she said with a naughty look pulling me to sit on the bed.
I had no otherwise but to stay.

It was getting dark, i peeped through the window , dark clouds engulfed the sky, strong
Winds blew across the compound swaying trees
Indiscriminately and shutting windows with a
Outside students started running in different direction.

It wasn’t long before heavy rain drops started counting themselves on the roof.
The intensity of the drops increased and formed
a continuous mass of flowing rain!
The roof harvested the falling rain and drained
it in continuous stream that formed temporal
Surface run off.
It was raining heavily.
Just then, a sharp and bright lightening cut the
sky, what followed was a short moment of silence…

A terrifying sound of a thunderstorm that would send thousands of ladies in a shock cut the sky!
I wasn’t wrong, Beverly jumped, screamed and
fell in my arms.
I reciprocated by wrapping my hands around her body accidentally making the towel to fall down.
As she recovered from the horrible thunderstorm, there was sudden blackout!



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