Part 1.
Egerton university was a place full of sweet and
agonising moment.
I arrived at the institution full of ambition and
zeal to study.
Being the only boy to make it to the university
from my family, Everyone at home was happy
and were ready to support me.
Life in year one was alittle bit harsh.
At one point, i would confuse my room number
and dash to other peoples room!
It was embarassing.
During lectures, we would run from one lecture
room to another,we couldnt afford missing a
As days progressed, i slowly adapted and slotted
in my new enviroment.
My roomate,Jef was quick to Switch to this
life.He had already acquired himself a
companion as he used to say.
Her girl was beautiful,social and radiant.
I vividly remember one fateful friday,i was
alone in my room watching a hollywood movie
after attending my literature lecture.
I heard a soft knock on the door.
“Welcome!” i shouted from inside.
“Hi Dan?” Beverlyn,Jef’s fiancee greeted
streching her small hand to me.
“Am cool, ” i replied,
“Where is Jef? Have tried reaching him on
phone but he is off” she asked with a suspicion.
“Ooh, he took his phone for repair” i lied
“Ok, thanks, tell him to give me a call as soon
as he arrive, i will go” she said,as he head to
the door.
“cool, can you stay we can watch together” i
convinced her.
She agreed to stay back.
There was silence in the room as we both glued
our eyes on the laptop. It wasnt long before
Beverly broke the silence.
” Dan?, am really fed up with this relation, Jef
is always busy,he aint giving me his attention
nowadays” She lamented with her hand tucked
under her chin.
“Have you talked to him?” i asked.
“No, am afraid to ask, look, he found me a
virgin girl…i was ready to loose it to the man i
loved, immediately he broke it, he has been
evading me, he doesnt visit me the way he used
to,he does not text,call and do everythn he usf
to, am worried” She said sorrowfully, looking
“Dont worry i think there is something
disturbing him, talk to him and find out what
the matter is not with him,” i consoled.
I knew Jef was seeing another girl. I felt pitty
for this innocent young lady who was suffering
in the hands of a guy who had no human heart.
“its ok,” she said wetting her upper lip with the
lower lip. Just then, Jef dashed into the room.
“Dan,i am a man, i told you i will….” He lost
words almost immediately as his eyes rested on
her woman.
“You will? Whats that you have achieved Jef?”
Beverly asked.
“Bebz nothing to worry, i just won my
Sportpesa bet i placed.” Jef boldly lied. It was
on Friday and no soccer game was being played.
He was smart. Earlier on, he vowed to down and
screw the C.U chairlady and from the look on
his face, he was coming from her house.
“So you had not taken your phone for repair?”
beverly interrogated.
I quickly stared Jef direct into the eyes, he was
a smart guy, he quickly interpretted my look.
“Yea,bebz…am from njokerio,infact i will pick it
tommorow,look i just borrowed this phone from
my friend in Buru,” Jef explained confidently,as
he showed her the phone.
“That was kind of your friend, God bless him”
she Blessed smiling all along.
Jef was a really smart guy, he exchanged his
phone with Mary,as a proof,the sister in Christ
was in his custody!
He excused to buy a drink.
He threw the phone on my bed as he walked
out of the room.
I went through the phone quickly as Beverly
rested on Jef’s bed.
Alas! Hundrends of Mary’s photos were in the
Knewly taken photos showing Jef holding Mary
were also there.
I wanted to tell Beverly,but i couldnt.
Five minutes later, Jef returned.
As he served her a glass of coke Beverly
“Dan, can i have that phone please?”
Episode 2 LOADING::::

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