Getting Unstuck After Your Life Is Turned Upside Down


📍So often we’re blinded by our life circumstances that we don’t see the wisdom that’s being presented to us.
You’re being cleared out for something incredible to come in.

I heard it from a massage therapist, from a student, and from a dear friend. And then I started to hear it within myself. So I started to let go. I started to trust that I was exactly where I needed to be. I allowed myself to hear the wisdom that was being presented to me.

I have found all of the right teachers at the right times. When I took a moment to lift my chin up, to pull myself out of my self-pity, to find the strength to move, I found the messages I needed. In my toughest times I needed support from someone else in order to grow into the new version of myself. It’s really difficult to see ourselves clearly in the aftermath of destruction.

Many of us get stuck because we want something different for ourselves but we don’t know what the right choice is. We’re too afraid to make the wrong choice that we make no choice at all, inevitably the worst choice. At least if you choose to try something on, learn a new technique or work with someone new, at least then you’re moving. If it ends up not being for you, guess what? You can switch gears and try something else on.

On the other hand, if you make no choice, if you are so paralyzed by the fear of making the wrong choice, then you’re living in default. You are no longer the creator of your life. You are now sinking in quicksand and waiting for some unidentified hero to save you.

And then you’re just pissing your soul off.

Because your soul knows you are here to live a big life, a great life, an incredible life. And you’re stuck in quicksand.

Imagine if you decided to choose something instead. Imagine all of the incredible possibilities for your life. You don’t actually have to spend hours trying to decide if it’s the right thing or not. You can just choose it. You can choose to be guided. You can choose to allow. You can choose to trust. You can choose to open up instead of shutting down.

You are going to make mistakes in life, and that is ok.

Let it be ok. Don’t let your fear of choosing the right thing hold you back from choosing. Take a chance. That’s what you’re here for. Step into yourself and really allow yourself to live.

Things are going to happen to you in your life. You are going to get your heart broken. You’re going to be disappointed by people. Things are not going to go your way all the time. Your life might get flipped upside down when you least expect it.

You can still have a remarkable life. You can get through the pain, hear the wisdom, and open yourself up.

The truth is that everything you want is possible. You just have to choose to make it possible. You have to allow yourself to open the door to something new.
Follow up with Psychology Today, and Live Science for better experience.


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