Four popular (but inefficient) way to get rid of shame from yourself. 


💡 Today I want to talk about the obvious thing that most of us encounter in our daily lives, Shame, as most of us may see it (few letters but with great impact) is just as dangerous as anything. So how can we get rid of it? I have picked four ways that will guide you. 
1. To attain perfection.

Ideal invulnerable. No one dares to point the finger at him and say that he untied the lace (though lace of an ideal never unleash). It can not compare with anyone because he is the only one of its kind. 

To achieve perfection is not easy, but it’s not just that. A pedestal is a very small area. Sooner or later it will fail. And stumbled, sinking to such depths of shame that hell will seem like Paradise. 
2. Become one of many.

You again, it is impossible to mock, because you’re one of many. All as at all: you’re reading the same books, dress in the same clothes, work the same job and laugh all the beat. You’re the same as them, so how can they shame you? 

But there are some “but”. Impossible to be like all at once and there is always a risk to get where “all” are different from the “all”, to which you have adapted. And then you’re still doomed to shame. And even this is not the worst… it’s very hard to respect themselves because deep down, you never respected the most. And yet… it’s really need to be noticed and recognized… But what would notice if you disappeared? 
3. To be a nobody.

If you are a nobody, just a possibility, nenarisovannoy picture, who can blame you? What exists, will always find something to curse. What is not to condemn impossible. There is an added bonus. To be nobody – a great opportunity to mock those who took a chance and became someone. After all, they have flaws and you can’t be. Because they are. And you’re not. And sometimes it becomes very sad… 
4. Become shameless.

Who can hurt you, if you loudly laugh at our mistake, the first condemned and you never miss to poke a finger? Your own laughter will never hear the laughter of the other. And this, of course, it becomes easier abit. 
It’s really hard to learn to truly respect yourself. And such as all. And special. And even fallen in the mud.
📍By Sir ℳarita


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