⁣ How to Create More Self-Love Now #Inspiring, #Social Create Self Love in Your Life Today!

⁣ How to Create More Self-Love Now
#Inspiring, #Social

Create Self Love in Your Life Today!
I am so excited to about my Real Love Revolution free video series where I am exploring ways to create more love (self-love and other love) in your life. Take a moment before watching to assess your feelings about yourself right now.

How do you speak to yourself when you make a mistake?
Do you feel worthy and lovable?
How valuable do you think you are?

This week is all about uncovering common behaviors that that can reinforce low self-esteem and block self-love, and in this video, I specifically cover:
Flipping the script on negative self-talk
Becoming aware of the Disease to Please
Learning to brag in a healthy way
Effective affirmations for building self-esteem
The power of accepting a compliment

Tackle the exercises in this video and leave me a comment here to let me know what surprised or challenged you.
I am so lit up about leading you on this Real Love Revolution journey!
Are YOU ready for a revolution?

This video will be the first of many going forward that are designed to help anyone who is willing to uncover and transform any limiting or negative beliefs about self-love.
Loving yourself can be as simple as you want it to be.

If you take the time to follow the simple steps that I have laid out in the video, and follow the instructions in the upcoming videos, I know that you will be able to break some or all of the negative ideas that may be holding you back from achieving your true power and potential in life.

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