Goals are absolutely necessary for success, but successful people have something even larger and more foundational than goals. They have a vision for what they want in their personal and professional life. They have created a picture in their mind’s eye of their future and have written out this vision, using their goals to make it real. 12. Handle problems quickly.
Problems and challenges occur for everyone, even the most successful. But these people are able to handle problems efficiently and effectively, and move past them without allowing them to become a drag. 13. Remain flexible and open to change.
Successful people realize there’s more than one way to reach a goal or manage a problem. They aren’t committed to the status quo. They invite change and remain flexible to new ways of doing things. 14. Learn from mistakes and failures.
Not only do successful people move past mistakes and failures quickly, but also they make a point of examining their mistakes to see what they can learn from them. Failure doesn’t impact the self-esteem of successful people. They know failure is part of success. 15. Push past comfort zones.
Successful people are constantly stretching themselves to be better, achieve more, and to push their own limits. They have high expectations for themselves and those around them. 16. Practice self-confidence.
Successful people are usually confident, but even when they don’t feel confident, they practice the skills of self-confidence in order to boost their feelings and to inspire confidence in others. 17. Find the right people.
Successful people understand one of the keys to success is having the right people around you. They are discerning about who they spend their time with and whose advice and input they invite. They seek out like-minded, successful mentors, peers, and employees. 18. Have very high standards.
Successful people have very high standards in their personal and professional life. They don’t accept mediocre or half-way. They want to be exceptional and spend time with exceptional people. 19. Exercise regularly.
Being healthy and energetic is vital to one’s success. Successful people exercise regularly to manage stress, create balance, boost creativity, and harness energy. 20. Continue to learn and grow.
Successful people are life-long learners. They may be experts in their fields, but they know they aren’t experts in everything, and they have a deep desire to expand their knowledge and understanding. They read voraciously, take classes, and seek out the wisdom and knowledge of others. 21. Pay attention to intuition.
Successful people don’t rely solely on their intelligence and judgement. They also pay attention to their intuition. They know from experience that gut feelings often give them exactly the information they need to make a decision or plan an action.
Personal and professional success requires consistently applying these strategies and remaining committed to your long-term vision. With the right habits, practiced daily, you can achieve your goals. And with every goal you achieve, you’re building the foundation for the life you desire and the person you want to be. Ultimately, you control your destiny, and your destiny is created one small habit at a time.
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