Hey.. hey.. Not so fast , take a break and read the instructions below before we go far.

Expert Advice channel was created in order to raise people’s souls by offering wide range of Advie, it has emerged to be a channel of a kind in telegram due to its specialisation. For the past few months since it’s creation it has been growing significantly and because the channel is only maintained by one person I believe you can also want to reach the world and touch that single soul out there with your cool advice. Yes, I believe you can.

Now from today onwards I give you an opportunity to send your posts to the channel and who knows? You might touch someone for a lifetime.

So what can you do for your post to be accepted? Ah.. It’s so easy all you have to do is to follow the guidelines below when submitting your post.

Guidelines to follow

️Your post should be entirely in English.
️Right the title of your post in a clear and precise manner.
️After the title, write the body(content) of your post.
Here is a good example of how your post should look, Example of a message
If you using plus messenger you can send your message in a formated way ( bold title, and body in a normal writing, or other wise include image in hyperlinked way).

If you do the above, you can now send your message for moderation and it will be posted.

You can give advice on various topics (‘i.e love, life, motivation, inspiration and more’).



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