Career Trajectory Full of Gaps?

Career Trajectory Full of Gaps? Maybe You’re Forging a New Path.
#Career #PositiveThinking

In essence, I want my life and my career to be a work of art that inspires me (and others) in the process. I want to help all of us access our full potential – our true masculine and true feminine – so that we can flourish and thrive personally and professionally. And so I willingly admit that I don’t have my shit together, at least not in a traditional sense. I worry about money and retirement and how I’m perceived by my colleagues. My CV is a train wreck and I don’t know where my career trajectory is going. Perhaps I’m creating a new trajectory that others with PhDs can follow. Or perhaps someday I’ll find a university that welcomes full-time faculty like me. What I do know is that I have a deep dissatisfaction with how things are being done in my field. And I want to do things differently. I’m determined to find a “better way” to live and work.


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