How women beautiful men’s life #WomensDay So, life is what you make it, right?

How women beautiful men’s life

So, life is what you make it, right? What of those women who tussle each day to see you make it, what words should we encourage them with?

Recently I read an article by Bishop Allan Kiuna of a lecturer who came to class with a glass half full of water and asked one of his students to hold it high in front of the class. “What do you think the glass weighs?’ he asked and everyone gave their own thoughts but he rejected all the answers.
“This glass does not weigh what the weighing machine would read. Its weight depends on how long you would hold it up! The shorter the duration, the higher the weight, the longer the duration, the the heavier it becomes until holding it up becomes unbearable.” The grey-haired professor explained after the students were out of ideas.

So the glass is not all about water but what you carry in your daily life be it perseverance, love, care, endurance etc. and that’s what our women have in common. They always make sure we men come second after God no matter how substandard we might be, they will still hold on us.

This is not a ‘love’ story but a ‘you’ story to really appreciate all of you women to a personal level because without you, we could not have existed or exist. You make our life cycle complete and that’s why Adam did not leave alone from the garden of Eden.

Our love for you is worth million words and I cannot express them all here because I too understand you get tired fast so just remember you play a bigger part in our lives and society as a whole.

Happy women’s day to all women out there, and my best friend here @Latinwolfme, know that we don’t only celebrate you today but each day! International womens day Relationships⁣⁣


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